What Do you wish for? What are you day dreaming about having? Doing? BEING?

That all sounds wonderful! Now, what are you doing about it? Most of us have a schmillion and one reasons and excuses as to why we aren’t  “livin the dream”. For some of us, it`s not living the dream “yet” but someday… For others of us, its  “never, because” … So, here`s the thing. YOU are incredibly powerful. Right here, right NOW. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES ARE! That`s right, I said it!I `m in no way saying that whatever you are experiencing right now isn’t really hard, challenging, painful, etc. What I AM saying is that we have the power in each moment to choose. Choose how we think, feel, react or respond. Is it easy? Nope. But it is necessary if you want those wishes to move from the “wish list” to the “been there, done that, now what`s next list?” Because whatever you are thinking, whether you are aware of it or not, is planting seeds. Those thoughts are creating feelings in you and those feelings are going to motivate you to take action. One way or another. Even not moving forward, is a choice. Not taking action towards something, is a choice. So if we are too afraid to make a move and we just stay put? That is a choice. With every choice, comes it consequence. We are choosing all day long and it is in those choices, that we create our experiences.

So now that we got that out of the way, back to your wishes. I ask you what are you doing to make yours happen? Every single action we take towards something, creates a ripple effect within the universe. A vibration. Since the universe is a huge mirror, just reflecting our movement back to us, it will vibrate back to you more of the same. In other words, take an action toward your dream and the universe will open doors for you. THINGS WILL START TO HAPPEN. Things will continue to happen and gain momentum when you keep moving towards your dreams. My beautiful Uncle Eddie Carroll was an actor and the voice of Jiminy Cricket for many, many years. He told me long ago, that I must do 3 things towards my dream, every day. At that time it was my acting career, so he said do 3 things that support it, every day. An example: #1: Call my Agent to check in- “What`s cookin`, Agent Man?”,#2. Check the casting sites for auditions that perhaps didn’t come through the agency,#3. Practice a Monologue! Practice makes… well, you know. Voila! Three things. I have created movement toward my Dream of a successful Film career. Universe feels this and rises up to meet me. What about you? Let`s say something totally different! Lets` say your wish is to travel to Italy but you can`t afford it, the kids, the dog, the job, etc.! What 3 things can you do daily toward that wish? Here we go: #1. Start a  “go fund Italy” jar in your house. Make it a spaghetti sauce jar! Lol Use pennies, spare change. Just start! #2. Look up photos of Italy on-line and print them up! Paste them on a vision board.#3. Make a vision board!! Pictures of you and your hubby, kids, whoever is going with you and paste your faces all over the visions of Italy! So fun! Voila! That’s your great to start to 3 things every day. If you don’t want to do 3 a day,  start with 3 every weekend day. Remember, you GET what you GIVE. Use Google, the Library, etc. Who is doing or has done what you want to do? Study about them, if possible- how did they accomplish this? ( don’t be creepy about it though)

Truly, the sky`s the limit when it comes to how you can take action to manifest your wishes and dreams come true. TRY IT. NO EXCUSES. AND DON’T GIVE UP. The Universe ALWAYS responds to our Heart`s desires BUT not on our schedule, on hers. Have you ever steered a boat? If you have, you`ll know that`s it`s very responsive but not right away, so what happens when we become impatient? We  “over-steer” and keep cranking the wheel and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, were doing freaking 360`s in the water and hanging on for dear life! Be patient! We don’t plant seeds and then dig them up to see what`s taking so long, right? We plant them. Water them. Give them sufficient sunlight. AND THEN WE KNOW. We know that when those little seeds are good and ready, they will sprout up. It`s natural law. And so it is with your wishes. Plant them! Visualize them. Think them, right down to the very last detail of how wonderful they are! FEEL your wish”as if it has already happened!” What would YOU feel like if it was happening for you right now? Then, do those 3 actions, each day or as often as you can. Voila! Your dreams and wishes coming true. See for yourself.

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  1. Chris Stone
    Chris Stone says:

    Well one wish was to obtain a beautiful pic of you that was autographed. You made that one come true, so THANK YOU so much. Another was to take a cruise To Jamaica to leave behind a lot of bad memories and start a new chapter. That wish will be coming true in August. And now feel the strength to make new wishes come true. Just want to say thanks for always being a light, and taking the time to send a smiley face just when I needed one.

  2. David Garcia
    David Garcia says:

    A girlfriend, But first I’m wishing for a new car and new apartment. Because my car looks old, and I want an apartment so I can be free and independent from all the turmoil in my life. Meaning I want peace and quiet in my life.

    • eenow
      eenow says:

      There are many things you can do to start that ball rolling and also many things you can do for yourself RIGHT NOW, to obtain inner peace and quiet. I highly recommend learning meditation, to start. Cheers, Erika


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