Ah, summer is here in southern California and much of the world, depending on where you reside. It brings such sweet and nostalgic feelings up for me…

What do you look forward to most about summer? I LOVE the smells of summer! Steaks on the barbecue, salty sea air, coconut sunscreen and yes, even that waft of chlorine that drifts by. 

I do find it interesting  that when we’re freezing and irritated by the cold, wet weather in the middle of winter and dreaming of those balmy summer evenings… that we do we complain about the sweltering heat! We are a fickle bunch! So, do tell…What do YOU do for summer fun?

The other day, I was bored and wanting to conjure up some fun and dear friend of mine suggested something called ” Ice Blocking”. Has anyone ever heard of this? I had not. Here’s what happened: I went to the grocery store and purchased two big blocks of ice, brought two towels, two children and shuffled off to our local park which had a big hill ( this is a must! You need a good hill or grassy slope that has a SAFE, smooth and unobstructed area, as well as landing) then, you take the kiddies to the top and place the towels over the ice blocks… sit on em and off they go!! Weeee! Down the hill. It was perfect in THEORY, however, not so easy to balance on and you have to supervise them to make sure they stay safe. Other than that, it was pretty fun.

What are your summer favorite activities? Please share. On that note, may your summer be filled with popsicles, campfire smores, magical fireflies, butterflies, the cool sea breeze, lazy hammock snoozes, juicy novels, midnight snacks and all things magickal. 

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  1. Gina Barkey
    Gina Barkey says:

    Hi E, I love to eat ice cream and spend time on my sailboat when I’m not rehearing, recording and working on my music! Going for drives along the coast is nice at night! Going out to eat at restaurants​ with a friend is nice. Sailing along the coast or in the harbor is fun. Playing guitar on a park bench​ is peaceful. Drinking mango or pineapple smoothies and eating chocolate​ fudge sundaes are my favorite! So, what are your favorite summer treats, Erika?

    • eenow
      eenow says:

      WOW! Gina, that sounds like the description of a perfect summer. I love spending time by the sea when were able to get away. I did go to Big Bear Mountain this summer and that was also HEAVEN. Honestly, pretty much spending time in nature is where I`m happiest. As for summer treats? I love popsicles!! Especially the good old-fashioned ones called “Rocket Bombs”, I think. I love lemon-lime popsicles. Cheers,Erika

  2. Hank
    Hank says:

    My favorite summer part of summer are those beautiful evenings, when the sun starts to drop away and the cool breezes come thru. I live in the desert and its wonderful to watch the people and animals come to life under a starry sky. Add some good music, good food and friends (and maybe a margarita or two) and this desert rat is in heaven.

  3. Jim Buckley
    Jim Buckley says:

    After spending three days in the 95 degree heat of Philadelphia (in a suit and tie!!) I flew back to Boston Thursday where the temperature was a delightful 60 degrees and breezy in the early evening. I spent the next afternoon on the back porch reading and drinking iced tea with the temperature again around 60 degrees. A great way to unwind after 3 grueling working days.

    I love the summer weather and all the opportunities it presents for outdoor activities. Since I love the water I look forward to swimming, kayaking and going to the waterpark in the coming weeks.

    I love Philadelphia in the summer too but will leave the suit & tie behind next time :).

  4. Chris Stone
    Chris Stone says:

    And you are so right, it’s the smells that make summer,summer. Wether it’s me making anything in the BBQ, to smelling the neighbor cooking on his. The smell of leaves burning, to the smell of leaves turning. And my personal favorite “rain”. After a long hot day the smell of rain coming off the hot concrete, to the smell of rain in the mountains. Just as rain hits the pine trees and that wet pine blowing through your campsite. Stepping out of your camper and just standing in the rain. I could do that all summer long. That and of course tweet with you. Have a happy summer EE

  5. Corbin
    Corbin says:

    I guess because you live near the ocean you get to experience the real summer. The summer most of us dream of. I live on the land, so there is no cooling breeze to fight off the sweltering heat. My summer means going to the local rock pool after work and dipping the feet in the cold water and take in the smell of wheat whilst the sun rays filter through the trees and the light sparkles from the flower pollen in the air.

  6. James McMullin
    James McMullin says:

    Great post! I’m more of the hot nature cold blooded variety. I love the heat, but as we get older the humidity can taxing but just power through it. Nothing like being cold and don’t have any feelings in your hands or stuck indoors. Everyday is fun in the summer for me. Just have to plan the actives accordingly.


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