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My Lifelong passion is (and has been since I was 11 years old), finding and connecting with Spirit. God, to me, is everywhere. The Air, Fire, water, earth, sun, moon and stars. In you and me. Spirit expresses in you, through you, AS you. Yes, I believe we are all expressions of God. So, if you share a spiritual connection with whomever it is that you call God- he/she has many names. HOW do you get that close connection? That fulfillment? Is it in a place of worship for you? Is it outdoors? Is it in deep meditation? For me, it is in ALL of these places. It is in a wonderful and loving exchange of conversation, in my Spiritual Enrichment Education classes, it is when my little girl is cuddled up in my arms and in her laughter. Spirit for me, is found in countless places. I have only to get still and notice it, feel it. However, the fastest and most profound connection I ever feel with God, is always when I am surrounded by nature. Outside, quiet. The ocean, vast and profoundly serene. I breathe in that salty air. There is nothing like the sea air and what it does to relax me. It is nature`s calming elixir.  I hike with Jack, my pup, a few times a week and in the mountains with the wildflowers and sunshine, I always have my deep spiritual connection.

Most importantly, I remember that Spirit, God, whatever name you may choose to give it, is ALWAYS with us. It is US who move out of spiritual connection at times, NOT the other way around. Spirit will always be here. When I can`t make it out to the ocean or the mountains, no matter where I am, God is. I have only to tune in. I have my special place in my home that I wake up to each morning. It is very early and I turn on the fire place, light my candles, play the ocean sound on my phone and settle in. Jack at my feet, my spiritual books to my left, as I settle in for prayer and stillness. Meditation will take me to any Oceanside, mountain top or place of peace that I choose. So how do you “Get Your Spirit On?”

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  1. KEITH Wilson
    KEITH Wilson says:

    My relationship with Christ is the Peace I have found….. I too love …? Adore the beach especially at sunrise…..My wife and I also love to sit and watch the waves in the winter bundled up in a quilt. Be blessed EE

  2. JP
    JP says:

    Do not force yourself on a spiritual path. Let its teachings gently open your heart and lead you. Like salt gradually dissolving in water, let its teachings dissolve in your heart. – Haemin Sunim

    Love you EE
    – JP

  3. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Great first post!!! I connect through journaling and meditation. Those help me to connect to my inner being soul or jwtevrr others call it. It is a joyful connection

    • eenow
      eenow says:

      Thank you so much! I love journaling,as well. I really love keeping a gratitude journal and writing down all the things I`m grateful for each day.

  4. Tommy Harris
    Tommy Harris says:

    I get my spirit on with watching Dr. Charles Stanley on Sunday mornings. Other than that I’m pretty much a home body except for maybe a night or two out during the month with some friends. I love to watch TV and movies. I just finished watching one of my favorites of yours today. The Beverly Hillbillies. I do enjoy the beach on occasion and if I could I’d move to the mountains and stay there.


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