I think we`ve all heard it said that it`s better to give than receive. I believe that when we give, we ARE receiving. Doesn’t it feel good when you do something nice for someone? Have you ever made someone smile when they were down? Opened a door for somebody when they were struggling or helped a lost dog get back home? There are so many ways in which we can give. We tend to think it means we have to open our checkbooks and some of us are not in a position to do so. Sure, we`d love to be philanthropists and change the world by throwing money every place it`s needed but that`s not us, right? So we can’t give. I call BULL! I used to think that way “what can I do? I`m just little ol` me, one person, with nothing major to offer”.So not true, for any of us. (though also being a financial philanthropist is still one of my biggest dreams on this planet & I still plan on it, damn it!) but until such time, I can and AM a philanthropist of the Heart. Deepak Chopra said something I`ve never forgotten- He says that we ALWAYS have something to give: we can bring a gift, a flower, a smile, a prayer.I LOVE THAT.

It really put it into perspective for me. Just being kind to someone goes a long way! I know how much I tend to carry around the bad feelings when someone is rude at the grocery store or cuts me off while driving. It sucks! But if energy “out there” is collective ( and I 100% believe it is) then I need to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Michael Jackson said ” I`m starting with the man in the mirror”, remember. That`s our part. While there are amazing leaders and people who have paved the way for so many of us, each one of us is a huge part of the “collective energy”. What we do, matters. Giving changes people. Giving changes the receiver`s world as much as it does, the giver`s. Be a giver today. Be a giver EVER DAY. It`s beyond a win-win. You will be adding positive energy to the collective, you will be creating good karma, scoring HUGE with the universe and it will all come back to you, in spades.

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  1. Tommy Harris
    Tommy Harris says:

    I absolutely believe that it is better to give than receive. Like you I believe when I do give someone that I automatically get something in return. Whether it be a smile or just the self gratification of doing something nice for someone else.


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