What a crazy time this was!! It was not easy, let me tell you! We were 3 weeks on the Wildside

of an island somewhere in Mexico! We slept on bunk beds with boards in place of mattresses! I had a trail of ant bites that went all the way up and down my spine. I lost a lot of weight and got very tan! Hahahaha. Here we have the anklet I wore (and this poor thing got so beat up in the competitions). I have my little costume bling “E”necklace, my sexy see-through sunglasses, a fun arrival map they gave us when we first got to a hotel to do press BEFORE we were taken away to the secret location, a fun sunglasses case they gave us as a set gift ( the sunglasses I wore do not fit in this case) and if you but this set pack, I will throw in a “secret surprise” set gift that’s not shown here.  The Real Gilligan`s Island Set Pack: $500

***Ship. & Handling not included

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