There are all kinds of masks: Masks for Halloween, for tribal traditions, Egyptian Burial Masks, Beauty Masks, masks for protection, ritual masks, entertainment, disguise, the Masquerade Ball mask… All of these serve various purposes. Some are beautiful and ornate, while others are frightening and devilish, meant to scare off evil, perhaps. Masks go way, way back in history, as different cultures all over the world use them. However, I want to talk about a different kind of mask we wear. The ones you cannot see with the naked eye. The masks that show people what we want them to see but often hide who we really are. Those “social masks”.  Trending in the last while, there has been a movement by women to empower and encourage other women to be proud of what they look like in their own skin. Alicia Keyes is one who does this and I think it’s brilliant. Such a beautiful thing to do. When I think about the kinds of “masks” that I may be hiding behind, I think that I may have a few that I do put on sometimes. Perhaps it’s the “PC MASK”, too afraid to speak up about WHAT I REALLY FEEL OR BELIEVE about something, sometimes.  WHAT`S MY TRUTH? And if I know it, why am I afraid to show it? I can definitely say that most often I just hide away with a “full body mask” lol when I`m feeling insecure about the way I look for instance. I just HIDE! Period. I am working on that. I want to be an amazing example for my daughter: A strong and self-empowered woman who shines her inner light outside. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, anyway! What one person sees as beautiful, another may see as NOT beautiful? So who cares? Can we be brave, be ourselves and take off the masks? What masks do you wear?

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  1. Ülkü Özer
    Ülkü Özer says:

    Think it would be easier to
    have masks sometimes.
    I don’t have masks.
    Will always show my face
    the only face that I know.

    And i do everything with feeling.
    And my feelings will always effect trough my eyes.
    So the masks don’t work on me👓
    Geetings from my heart.

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    proxy list says:

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