Well here we are knee deep into the New Year. In fact, it’s almost February. Between the horrible fires and flooding- with Mother Nature raging, it’s been a very intense start, here in California and my Heart goes out to ALL who have been affected by these tragic occurrences. I had to say goodbye (for now) to my favorite Auntie C, who made her transition on January 6th. Though so hard to say goodbye, I know she is at peace now and up there somewhere with her sweet Jiminy, dancing and laughing in the sky.


Oh yes, and on a completely meaningless note, (by comparison and in the big scheme of things) sweet Gracie (my car) said goodbye, too. Goodbye old reliable, Helloo new car payment! Going to miss that steel horse with wings! But I digress…


On a high note, I do tend to look forward to change for the most part and I love our new ride, so…other than the sad parts, the Year is flowing along & with it many new doors are just waiting to be opened. The thing is which one to open? Will it be Door #1? Door # 43? What do I want? What do you want? Do you REALLY know? Trust me, the question is actually much harder than we think when we really have to sit down and clearly define what that is and what it looks like, smells like, FEELS like, specifically.


Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? I’m not sure if I believe in them- I’m rather on the fence because what’s the difference between having a goal or a serious intention and a resolution? Why should we only have them when January 1st comes? Isn’t that like saying “I’ll start my diet, TOMORROW?” (By the way, I do that every Monday).So I leave you with this thought: the New Year is here and it is truly your oyster. Okay, what does THAT mean, anyway? The World is your place! It is YOURS to create whatever you can imagine for yourself. So, what`s it going to be? Script it. Visualize and fully imagine it- every little detail. Now, what are you going to actually do about it? My late Uncle Eddie Carroll said to me that I must do 3 things every day towards accomplishing my dreams (i.e.: goals, desires, RESOLUTIONS). Today, I have done one so far but I still have time! On that note, I`m signing off so I can go and do at least two more things. It’s all about forward movement. Peace Out. E


Photos by: Gabriel- Matula & Alexis-Fauvet / Unsplash THANK YOU!

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  1. Ricky J Rodriguez
    Ricky J Rodriguez says:

    Resolutions….I’m on the fence too. Maybe they’re for the birds, or maybe they’re for the hopeful. I suppose the fact that there is hope within making them sets us up with a positive mindset. Hopefully we can keep the mindset for 12 months. And then again, maybe that’s what the holiday season is for, the renew us when we’ve lost hope in those resolutions. This is my first post response so I hope it’s in-theme and positive. Much love, – Double-R

  2. Gina Barkey
    Gina Barkey says:

    Hi E,
    I promised to write you on your blog so here goes, on my 60th birthday! Ouch! haha…anyway, I am in the recording studio at the moment listening to some songs I have been working on. My goal in 2018 is to release my second album of music. I play all the musical instruments on this project. So far, so good! I sold my sailboat this year and am back on land going on road trips to wherever my heart desires. The freedom to travel always makes me happy! Everything in life is so temporary and I love making constant changes. For the better, of course! Losing loved ones is very painful. But “God gave us tears to release the pain in our heart.” Everyday is a BRAND NEW DAY and looking for ways to improve each day keeps you busy and progressing. My SUV is a project to me as well as my ART and MUSIC projects. It seems that there is always room for improvement! And that includes trying to improve myself too…losing weight, working out, exercising, being a better person, keeping God’s commandments. We are all just human and living our life so no one is perfect but all you can do is try to be better! Please do not feel alone in having problems in your life or losing loved ones. We all experience loss but it is all how you handle it! Being spiritual and in tune with God and following the Spirit helps me so much. As you follow the Spirit, you will find answers to problems in your life and direction in which way to go or things to do. “With God, nothing is impossible”. One of my goals in the near future is to meet up with you somewhere. It would be fun and nice to see you in person and talk with you! Hugs, Gina

  3. Maurizio
    Maurizio says:

    Hi Erika, Maurizio is happy to write to you from Italy and I am thirty years old.
    It’s incredible. As a boy I looked at Baywatch and you were there every day it was nice to see you.
    The dream of many in the TV series and in the reality of those who clearly could not meet you in person to realize the satisfaction of knowing the person who in the nineties was tilting all the people of my age. Today you are a woman and it is nice to know through the blog that you are a humble parson, a person who has never lost the true values of life.
    In January 2019 I will go on vacation to Santa Monica for about twenty days, and I will take advantage to see the location of the show to live a while what I was watching as a child on TV.
    A big hug Maurizio

  4. Wendy ward
    Wendy ward says:

    I’m not sure how much I believe in resolutions specifically made for new year, but I did resolve to get healthier this year. You see it took my husband and I ten years to have our little boy, who has had numerous medical issues from birth. When doctors kept throwing diagnoses at us (failure to thrive, autism, and the heartwrenching, leukodystrophy) I got severely depressed and gained a lot of weight. Long story short, in the fall at a second opinion appointment we were told he has a rare gene mutation affecting the white matter in his brain (he is the 16th diagnosed case). What we were initially told by his first peds neurologist was a death sentence by the time he was ten turned into him having a chance at living into adulthood, albeit with therapies and developmental setbacks. So I decided that I will get healthier to be able to chase him (he’s 2, I’m 42) on the playground without getting winded, to carry him for hours as long as he allows me to wothout my arms being tired, to enjoy life with him to the fullest for as long as we can.

    • eenow
      eenow says:

      Wendy, thank you for sharing such a personal and painful part of your Life. I cannot fathom this- I am a mom,too. I am soooooo proud of you for taking the position you are and having the AMAZING attitude that you do. YOU GO FOR IT- FOR YOUR SON. FOR YOURSELF. GODSPEED and mucho Love, Erika

  5. Keith
    Keith says:

    Hey Erika, fantastic and thoughtful words, wish Id read this nearer new years! I cant beleive January is already over!! Look forward to yiur next blog post, fantastically insightful 🙂

  6. Chris Stone
    Chris Stone says:

    Dearest Erika, it’s amazing how every time I read anything you write something clicks. You know the pain I have gone through to start off this year. And I truly wouldn’t have got through it without your strength and advice. I’m beginning this year off with the montra of “ paying it forward”. And would also like to say I’m so sorry for your loss. I live for “wishes DO come true Wednesday’s . Even tho I’m starting this year off with the loss of a daughter, I believe in the strength I have gained from sharing it with you. I believe I am not cursed, and will no longer live by the “flat tire” lol. Or the story of it!! I also believe you are the most wonderful human being I’ve ever had the pleasure of being friends with. So let me please say THANK YOU for the friendship!! I don’t know were I would be without it. There is no one on earth like you. I only hope that other people realize or know how SPECIAL you really are. Many hugs to our friendship, and much love . Chris

    • eenow
      eenow says:

      Hello, my friend. Thank yooooooou for your kind words. It is not easy to “drop the story” about the flat tire because we have conditioned ourselves to accept drama as a regular part of our days and focusing on what is wrong or not working in our lives, instead of what IS working, whats good. I am so happy you have discovered this for yourself and are putting it into practice. This will change your experience on this journey for the better, immensely. Huge hugs, Erika

  7. Todd Tracy
    Todd Tracy says:

    Great thoughts for the new year and everyday! I was thinking along the same lines… so many options… Health things will be number 1 for me this year. Cool blog… I am just a fan tt


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