Have you ever heard the saying “A happy Wife, happy Life?’ I like to rephrase this with “A happy Dog, happy Life!” I think most dog owners would agree with me, am I right? I don’t know how it is in your house but in mine, though I like to think I’m the “Alpha Dog”, it’s all about JACK. My daughter Indyanna often finds herself having to compete for the best spot on the couch, in the car, on the bed, etc!  I know, Caesar would cringe.

Have you ever tried working out with your dog in the house?  I truly need to share a video with you because it`s hysterical. Imagine lying face down over a swiss ball, trying to do leg lifts while your dog happily places himself underneath your FACE and decides to lick your face, each time you proceed to do a new lift. Sit ups? He lies on your stomach ” but he`s only trying to help, no Really!”

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