Ah, Autumn…

*photo by Jocelyn Maloney / Unsplash


Autumn, fall, Fall Equinox, Mabon. I LOVE THE FALL SEASON! It is by far, my favorite time of the year. We have blue skies with crisp and cool air. The leaves are vibrant shades of oranges, reds and yellows- all mixed with greens and brown. The colors weave a tapestry of a sweater I would love to own! The pies baking in the oven! Do not get me started on the smells of autumn! Cinnamon, clover, hot apple cider… I`m now in need of a slice of pie! So, what do you love about autumn? What does it mean for you? It really gives me a nostalgic feeling, too. Something in the air makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside- like I am wrapped up in a cloud. AND IT`S THE START OF “SWEATA WEATHA” Hahahah! For you S & L fans out there. Sweaters, boots, wraps and scarves.


*photo by Alisa Anton/ Unsplash

All Hallows` Eve, Dia De Los Muertos, Mabon. It is a time for incredible celebrations with “an attitude of gratitude” and acknowledgment for our sweet Mother Earth and harvest time. It`s a time of celebrating and giving thanks for all our Blessings, those we love and the abundance of good things around us. A time of gathering together with friends and family and eating our faces off, until we pop buttons and just want to nap! But I digress…. Do you have traditions during the fall? I have so many things and rituals and moments I look forward to. I AM A HUGE ALL HALLOWS` EVE CELEBRATOR! For some of you, Halloween is a name you may prefer. Either way, I love to have a party with amazing music and food. I love dressing up pretty and paying attention to lots of fun details that I add to our home. Fall decorations and pumpkins. We always try and do a different Jack-o-lanterns and take pics of them every year. I do love getting together with my Dad`s huge side of the family where we eat and laugh- we really get to catch up with each other about all the Life happenings of the past year. Then, I cherish another Thanksgiving with my mom`s side of the family. Just a few of us- so Heartfelt and full of joy.

*photo by Beth teutschmann

So now, Do Tell…. Share your Autumn Good Stuff! I`m looking forward to hearing all about it.

Love, Erika

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  1. Gina Barkey
    Gina Barkey says:

    I love Fall season in sunny Southern California. Especially near the ocean because the beaches are empty and there is a relaxed feeling there. I remember surfing with dolphins one October during the 90s in Huntington Beach. I was going to take off on a wave but two dolphins rode it so I pulled​ back to watch where they went and they jumped through the air together on there way back a few feet away. So Awesome! This is the best time of year to take walks on the beach! The trees are so beautiful and colorful. The air is cooler and there a nice breeze blowing which makes it more pleasant to be outside. I would say this is one of my favorite times of the year!

    • eenow
      eenow says:

      I AGREE!!! I LOVE THE FALL ON THE BEACH! I always believe it is a great gift from the Universe, when I get to see Dolphins. Thank you for sharing with me, Gina.

  2. Russell Cope
    Russell Cope says:

    I must say it is my favorite of all as well. Growing up in Pennsylvania meant a number of things. Penn State football, high school football and me being in marching band on crisp Friday evenings. Most of all though was hunting with my dad from age 9 on and going to his fathers farm. The smell of fall and all the leaves and their splendid color. It didn’t matter if it was sunny or rainy as it all had a special feel. As I leave the north to begin living in the southern USA it will always be with me those memories. I hope to know what is in the south that will give me new feelings and memories.

    Thank you for sharing yours.


  3. Chris Stone
    Chris Stone says:

    PS, another family favorite is making cinnamon cider , with huge cinnamon sticks in each glass. The smell alone makes u think of Halloween. It’s always the smells for me E, a smell takes me back to awesome memories as a child . Trick or treating in 3 feet of snow. The contests at school wen we were young. We’ve had so many heartbreaks as adults in our family, I just wish I could have seen my first grandchild Ryeli in his first costume. He would have been 9 going on 10 in march of 2018. Miss him dearly. But my granddaughter will b turning 2 in October . Can’t wait to see wat she will b this year😥😇😘


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