I am Mama to Indyanna, the light of my world and the driving force behind everything I do and everything I want to be. I am an actor of over 35 years and grateful for all that has meant in my Life. I am currently and acting teacher and I sharewhat I`ve learned over the years, to aspiring actors of all ages. I have also worked with kids and teens in recovery from substance abuse, addiction and behavorial issues, using acting as a means to help them come out of their dark places, find the light that they are and find ways to use this as self-empowerment. In overcoming, we find ourselves, truly. I am also a SEE student ( spiritual enrichment education) working towards my license to become a Unity Teacher. I volunteer as a Genius Hour teacher with a public school. This is an amazing program that allows children at a young age choose a topic they are interested in and explore it. I am a certified wedding and event planner, an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church ( yes, online- however, I also completed an Angel Ministries Course. I take my Spirituality seriously. I also REALLY ENJOY IT!) I have been studying Eastern/Western Religions, Theosophy,New Thought and Wiccan studies since I was 11 years old. I love finding the “Golden Thread” that runs through each one, saying the very same thing. We ALL want the same things: Love,safety,food,shelter,clothing-family,friends…a good life.