Welcome to my Website and Happy Blog Space! This site is about feeling good and sharing the good stuff I`ve learned in Life. I LOVE quotes and sharing them, so you will find many favorites on The Sage Page. I would love to hear some of your faves, so please be sure to share them with me. I LOVE animals! So, Ive created Critter Corner and this is the place that we can share the love of our pets together.You`ll meet Jack, my handsome 4-legged boy and hopefully, you will send in some pics of your babies,too! I have a contact me page, as well as a Playful Products page, where you can browse some fun products to purchase.My Blog page is where I will share many lessons,bits of wisdom given to me by various teachers, authors and life`s lessons of my own and pay them forward to you. There`s lots to explore here! Please have fun and share with me! Also, if you are a Twitter Follower, please follow me there. Have fun!